Madhu T. Bhaskaran

Chairman's Desk

“The goal of your desire depends upon the size of your success.” I cordially welcome you to be a part of the prestigious Aviation Industry. I believe your attitude shapes your future. Being a good person is much more important than being a good student. With us you will not only develop your career but also your personality, a personality with noble qualities, adept skills, extensive knowledge and positive attitude. We ensure to transform your standard to ‘World Class’. I dedicate all the facilities of ECR Aviation Academy to you. I believe you will be the pride and prestige of our institution and our nation. Thank you for choosing ECR Aviation Academy. I wish you every success in your life.

Words from our Director

At ECR our goal is to deliver state of the art facilities to our students and make them feel like home. We are open for any feedback and we keep on trying to make our education quality better.

Mahima Madhu

Academic Head of ECR Aviation Academy

Julliet Kolambrath
(12 yrs of Aviation and Training Experience)

Head of Admin and Marketing ECR Group

Sibby Joseph
(15 yrs of Experienc)

Head of Learning and Development and Business Consultant ECR Group

Prince Sharma
(BA Psy. Certified Behavioral Trainer, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach)